Artificial grass installation

The process of installing the artificial grass for less Nottingham starts from measuring the total surface area to be covered. It is possible to lay out the turf on every kind of landscape and soil type with zero hassles. Easy maintenance, zero emissions, smooth and slip-resistant surface, better foothold and water conservation are some of the key benefits of installing artificial grass Nottingham. You may prefer to have the installation in your home terrace, garden, backyard, pavements, patios, sports grounds and any other location of your choice. Efficient water draining surface ensures complete elimination of rain and surface water by running them down into the nearby drainage systems.

Artificial Lawn Nottingham – Installation Steps

  • Turf Removal: The first step in the artificial lawn Nottingham installation is the removal of the existing turf. You need to clear the entire area from any existing grass, plants, bushes and shrubs. Once the step is completed, the experts can water the surface and let it soak for 2 to 3 hours. Then they take out the roots of the existing grass and plants completely.
  • Excavation: The next step in the installation of fake grass Nottingham is to excavate the ground up to 3 or 4 inches in depth. Maintenance of the same depth across the length and width at every section is very important. The next step is to take out all the stones and prepare the bed with the help of suitable equipment and tools.
  • De-Weeding:  The de-weeding tool helps in the removal of weeds from the roots in the chosen section. The power driven garden tiller is one of the recommended tools for completing the task within the shortest possible time.
  • Block-Edge:  The next step in the artificial grass for less Nottingham is to create the block edges along the length and width of the excavated section. This edge will act as a frame for the layout. You need to provide tiny gaps or holes within the edge walls for water drainage. It is better to shape the top surface in a slightly inclined gradient from one end to the other end. It should be sufficient to let the water drain out from the surface. Alternately, it is possible to slope the gradient down gently from the center towards all the corners and edges. The experts know how to make it effective and still hide it from the visibility.
  • Bed Leveling: The leveling of the excavation bed is the next stage. It is possible to do it manually or with the help of a handheld battery operated tool. If you are installing the grass artificial grass Nottingham on a large sports field, you can use the leveling machine.
  • Gravel Installation: The next step in the artificial lawn Nottingham installation is the gravel. The experts can use the combination of rock stones measuring up to 0.75” in dimension. They may crush the stones and mix them with fine materials like sand. The mix is poured out on the excavated surface until it covers almost 85% of the excavation depth. Then the experts even out the surface using the hand tool or the surface compacting machine. The compacting can be further strengthened by adding adhesives which can bind the stone and sand together. At the same time it allows water to drain through without any hassles. Then the experts use a medium weight roller to even out the surface.
  • Turf installation: Now it is possible to install the turf along the length and width of the gravel compacted area. The experts spread out the turf and cut off the extra edges with the help of a hand held tool. Then they hammer the edges firmly with long metallic nail (Non-rustic) so they go all the way through the gravel into the bed. Similarly the nails are hammered at a distance of 1 foot or 1.5 feet along the length and width of the turf. They can hold the fake grass Nottingham together without sliding it off the ground.
  • Turf Filling: In the next step the experts use finely crushed sand to spay on the top surface of the artificial grass for less Nottingham. Then they use a light weight roller to fill the gaps and make the turf “grass blades” erect like the natural grass. As the end user you may choose multiple types of artificial grass Nottingham. The service providers and the suppliers have a vast inventory of nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and others for your garden, terrace, and patio and sports grounds.

Fake Grass Nottingham – Quality Parameters

  • Density Parameters: The density of the artificial grass will be medium on the patios and sit-out areas in the garden. The density will be the highest for the sports grounds to give better foothold for the players. The turf on the pavements and pet walking areas will be generally medium or highly dense. The density for the golf courses needs to be medium to high depending on the different sections of the playground.
  • Drainage Parameters: The drainage system could be based on hole-punching or flow through till the block-edges. If the sub-soil is capable of absorbing large volumes of rain water, you can opt for hole-punching. Otherwise it is better to opt for the flow through.
  • Pile height: It is better to keep the pile height from low to medium levels for residential and sports grounds.
  • Finishing Parameters: The finishing of the artificial grass Nottingham is always smooth and soft. It feels almost like grass but you won’t feel the rough edges.

Artificial Lawn Nottingham – Maintenance

For all the practical purposes, the artificial lawn Nottingham is zero maintenance in nature. However, you need to examine the position of the nails and the pile height on the areas exposed to the sun. If you feel any issues are to be addressed, it is better to call the service providers. They will be able to troubleshoot the problems associated with the fake grass Nottingham in an efficient manner.

Family friendly

Artificial lawns allow your family to play all year round and massively reduce the amount of cleaning up after muddy children

Saves you time

Good quality artificial grass makes for the ultimate low maintenance garden. Say goodbye to hours mowing your lawn!

Pet friendly

Technical advancements now make artificial lawns a great solution for those are animal owners who want to enjoy the practicalities of synthetic grass.

Before And After Transformations

BG Artificial grass only works with the best suppliers of material ensuring that your green areas will look the best for years to come.
Our team of installers have years of experience in the landscaping business and combined to ensure that you will be satisfied.
Being a family round business in the Nottingham area we have built our business on high levels of customer service and customer referral so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

We can provide solutions for large and small areas both in residential and commercial setting so literally now area is too big or too small. BG Artificial grass can offer you a high quality and cost effecting synthetic lawn solution.

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  • "We received three quotes for a similar quality of artificial turf and we went with BG Artificial Grass as we felt they were the most professional of the outfits and we haven’t been disappointed. We are very happy with both the product and the levels of service. Wish we had done it years ago now. It’s just so easy to maintain."

    Mr.J Roberts Mansfield
  • “We were referred to BG Artificial grass through mutual friends and I have to say it is one of the best things we have done. it has transformed our outside space and the guys were quick and easy to work with. I would 100% recommend them"

    Sally Taylor Nottingham

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