Artificial Turf and Animals

The animal friendly nature of the artificial grass for Less Nottingham is not only useful for the pets like dogs and cats, but also for the horses during the racing and polo games. The design specifications for them are used in pet parks, home gardens, patios and pavements.

Artificial Grass Nottingham – Pet Waste Draining

Drainage systems connected to the punched holes can easily absorb the fluid pet wastes and keep the turf clean and hygienic. The solid wastes however tend to remain and it may pose a problem to the children and family members’ health. The artificial surface may prevent the bacteria from spreading to the other parts of the turf, but still the solid waste has to be cleaned.

The solid waste pickup unit called the pooper-scooper can be used on the artificial turf to cleanse the waste. The other method could be high pressure water spraying on the solid waste, which gets converted into liquid and gets disposed off through the punched holes into the drainage pipes. The water content also gets drained and the artificial grass Nottingham remains dry and hygiene.

Artificial lawn Nottingham – Pet Play Area

  • Mud-Free Surface: The artificial lawn Nottingham provides a mud free surface for your kids and pets to play with each other without the fear of getting infections. The disinfectants available off the shelf can be used effectively to kill the germs and bacteria within few seconds. The liquids can be mixed with higher ratio of water (as specified) and sprinkled all over the area covered by the artificial grass. The water gets drained off, leaving behind the disinfectant absorbed by the infill materials. If the material is rubber, or other synthetic type like silica sand, they retain the disinfectants for a long time.
  • Slip-Free Surface: The fake grass Nottingham provides a slip free playing surface for the kids and the pets. Even if the infill materials do retain certain amount f moisture, the synthetic materials of the grass blades provide better foot support. Even on the event of a slip and fall, the soft surface absorbs the shocks and prevents any form of physical injury to the pets and your kids. For this, you may need to increase the density of the artificial grass for less Nottingham. It is possible to choose the best of turfs with the desired density value from the suppliers. The online supplier product inventory will give you plenty of options to choose. All you need to do is to click the right product having the correct pile density, height, and the related parameters. Once you place the order, the suppliers deliver it and the technicians from the artificial grass Nottingham can install it according to your specifications.
  • Odor-Free Surface: The Fresh-cut-scent technology used by the artificial turf can help in eliminating the bad odor from the pet animal skin and keep the surface fresh and fragrant. All you need to do is to choose the right kind of the artificial lawn Nottingham while searching online.

Family friendly

Artificial lawns allow your family to play all year round and massively reduce the amount of cleaning up after muddy children

Saves you time

Good quality artificial grass makes for the ultimate low maintenance garden. Say goodbye to hours mowing your lawn!

Pet friendly

Technical advancements now make artificial lawns a great solution for those are animal owners who want to enjoy the practicalities of synthetic grass.

Before And After Transformations

BG Artificial grass only works with the best suppliers of material ensuring that your green areas will look the best for years to come.
Our team of installers have years of experience in the landscaping business and combined to ensure that you will be satisfied.
Being a family round business in the Nottingham area we have built our business on high levels of customer service and customer referral so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands.

We can provide solutions for large and small areas both in residential and commercial setting so literally now area is too big or too small. BG Artificial grass can offer you a high quality and cost effecting synthetic lawn solution.

What others are saying…

  • "We received three quotes for a similar quality of artificial turf and we went with BG Artificial Grass as we felt they were the most professional of the outfits and we haven’t been disappointed. We are very happy with both the product and the levels of service. Wish we had done it years ago now. It’s just so easy to maintain."

    Mr.J Roberts Mansfield
  • “We were referred to BG Artificial grass through mutual friends and I have to say it is one of the best things we have done. it has transformed our outside space and the guys were quick and easy to work with. I would 100% recommend them"

    Sally Taylor Nottingham

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